Scott Boone
127 Lincoln Way West, #F
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 17201
Telephone: 804.277.9622


Objective To experience as many different aspects of technology as time will allow and to use my knowledge to enhance the union of technology and life.


· Seventeen years of computer experience. Fourteen years of Macintosh experience, both as a user and as a technician. Twelve years of Intel-architecture experience. Administrated Macintosh, *BSD UNIX, and NT servers.
· Networking skills include installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of Ethernet, 802.11 WIFI, and LocalTalk local area networks with topologies including routers, hubs, and switches. Working knowledge of telco and wireless wide area networks. Familiar with TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and AppleTalk protocols and the OSI network model.
· Experience with telecommunications CO and Transport operations and installations. Able to perform testing and troubleshooting on DS3 through OC48 over coax and fiber, utilizing TTC T-Berd 310 and 2310, and Digital Lightwave NIC test equipment. Knowledgeable about SONET and SDH, WDM/DWDM, telecom alarm, timing, and data cabling specifications and assembly.
· Educated in microcomputer design and operating system fundamentals. Coursework also included basic microelectronic (VLSI) design and digital and analog electronics.
· Excellent problem-solving skills and practical teamwork philosophy developed by classroom and cooperative education experiences. Regularly apply problem-solving skills as computer technician and technical support person.
· Proficient communicator, reinforced by E4 emphasis on technical writing skills and peer instruction courses. Comfortable with group presentations and class instruction, as well as inter-discipline communications. Two years of experience as a high school newspaper editor.
· Job experience within engineering and scientific environments, working as an individual and as a team member. Demonstrated project management and organization skills at all jobs.


Scott Boone Consulting, Chambersburg, PA
Technology Consulting,
since 7/1998
Self-employed as an independent consultant, targeting small and medium-sized businesses with computer networking and administrative needs. Provide support for Macintosh and Windows network environments, specializing in rapid response times and an open information exchange. Services include network design, help desk support, training, purchase consultations, and Internet access solutions. Desktop publishing and networking are specialties.
· Became my own boss
· Work with businesses to establish presence on the internet and integrate network technologies into their work flows
· Advocate standards-based practices and open source initiatives
Network Technical Services Group, Hampton, NJ
Field Service Engineer, Test & Acceptance,
from 7/2000 until 12/2000
As a contractor, performed test and turn up of Cisco optical network systems, ONS 15454 add-drop multiplexers, for the build-out of SONET telecommunications networks. Responsible for assessing engineering viability and inspecting installation quality and completeness, providing solutions when necessary; involved localized electrical and optical cable testing. Prepared comprehensive test plans and circuits to thoroughly test the hardware and connectivity of the systems using SONET data analysers (T-Berd and Digital Lightwave). Configured system's software, setting up BLSR and UPSR rings, port protection, and circuits. Modified engineering documentation as needed and created testing documentation to provide to the customer.
· Cisco trained and certified for ONS 15454 Turnup
· Devised a highly streamlined and efficient testing methodology, reducing testing overhead
· Acted as project lead, managing and training other FSE's in the field
· Created custom forms for testing documentation
AMUG Internet Service, Phoenix, AZ
Internet Engineering,
from 2/1998 until 5/1998
Provided Macintosh and Windows technical support for dial-in service customers. Performed user account administrative functions on Sun UNIX servers. Collaborated on writing three Internet manuals; produced art for an Internet software CD-ROM and packaging. Co-developed business office operating procedures and investigated and migrated an accounting database to a commercial database system.
· Enhanced corporate identity by standardizing logos and customer literature
· Implemented a new database and operating procedures to better streamline accounting operations
Sunrise Computers, Chambersburg, PA
Macintosh Evangelist & System Engineer,
from 6/1996 until 8/1997
Developed Macintosh-based computing solutions. Specialized in network and Internet access installations, primarily in education and SOHO markets. Provided complete software support and configuration; mastered telephone diagnosis and troubleshooting skills. Worked extensively with multiple operating system environments, integrating Macintosh, Windows 95 and NT, and Novell.

Retail Sales Consultant,
from 12/1995 until 4/1996
Sold Apple, Compaq, and HP products in a retail setting.
· Spearheaded project to create Internet presence
· Designed several LAN/Wireless WAN networks for proposals
· Administrated company's Macintosh file and mail servers and Internet servers


Operating Systems
Macintosh Systems 6 - 9 - expert level; MacOS X - technically proficient; Windows 3.1, Windows 95 & 98 - technically proficient; Windows NT 3.5, 4, 2000 - technically proficient, server administration; UNIX - exposure to A/UX, AIX, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Linux (Red Hat, Mandrake, Yellow Dog), and Solaris.
Macintosh computers - Able to diagnose all levels of hardware problems
Intel-standard computers - Able to diagnose and repair most problems
Familiar with the installation of hard drives, memory, PCI cards, and accelerators
LAN: Administrated Windows NT File & Print servers; AppleShare and AppleShare IP file servers; QuickMail Server on Macintosh; Apple Remote Access server, Microsoft Exchange
Internet: MacDNS; Eudora Internet Mail Server; AppleShare IP Web, FTP, & Mail servers; WebStar WWW server; Microsoft Internet Information Server; Eudora WorldMail; Vicom Internet Gateway; Stalker CommuniGate; BIND; Apache, Sendmail, qmail, OpenSSH, Samba, FTPd; Telnet; IPFiltering, IPFW, and IP-NAT
Cabling: Ethernet 10Base-T, 100Base-T, 10 Base-2, Apple LocalTalk and Farallon PhoneNet; Hubs, routers, switches; Internet Gateway and Firewall servers; Frame-relay and ISDN Internet connections
Microsoft Office, Apple Works, FileMaker Pro, Adobe PageMaker, Quark XPress, Macromedia FreeHand, Multi-Ad Creator2, Adobe GoLive, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Qualcomm Eudora, Microsoft Outlook, PGP, Symantec Norton Utilities, MicroMat TechTools Pro, Roxio Toast, DataViz MacLink Plus, Thursby Systems DAVE, Mirimar Systems PC-MacLan


Cisco Systems, Richardson, TX
Optical Network System Training, 9/2000
ONS 15454 Turnup Training
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
Bachelor's of Science in Electrical Engineering program, 1990-1995
Specialized in Computer Engineering, Microelectronics, and Personalized Instruction
· Manufacturing Process Control System - Senior Design Project, 1995
· Enhanced Educational Experience for Engineers (E4), 1990-1992


SmithKline Beecham, King of Prussia, PA     4/1994-11/1994
Provided computer support for Windows and Macintosh -based scientific workgroups. Programmed lab equipment automation solutions with LabVIEW. Began a project to deliver Internet connectivity to scientists' desktops. Headed Windows NT data server roll-out.
Opex Corporation, Moorestown, NJ     4/1993-9/1993
Worked as an engineering intern. Tested and revised prototype logic boards used in commercial mail handling systems. Designed a diagnostic backplane module to test components and sensors. Gained working experience with oscilloscopes, multimeters, and signal analyzers.
Tri State Printing, Inc., Hagerstown, MD     4/1992-9/1992
Managed and trained employees using Macintosh computers and graphic design applications in a prepress area. Implemented operating procedures for dealing with clients and print jobs.


References Available upon request